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Let's cut to the chase here. Before we get to how and why at The Trading Pin Factory, please note that we remain unrivalled when it comes to quality and reasonably priced trading pins. Let's see what we have to offer our clients in the first place. Basically, at The Trading Pin Factory, we mainly specialize in 3 trading pin styles and that's because that's all you will ever need. Whether you need baseball trading pins for your son's team or softball trading pins for your daughter's league. Irrespective of what kind of trading pins you are after, it will always come down to these 3 styles anyway.


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Soft Enamel trading pins

Soft Enamel trading pins are characterized by raised edges used to separate the different color aspects of your design or clipart. Each cloisonne pin is hand formed and the artwork as a whole is chiseled by hand into the pin. Once this template is crafted to perfectly match your design, the next step is to stamp out the number of pins required for your order. Each and every pin is then hand polished and hand colored for a lasting impression, then packaged for shipping directly to your door. For soft enamel trading pins, we always recommend adding an epoxy coating to protect the pin surface. There is no extra charge for adding epoxy to your pins.

Photo Etched trading pins

Photo Etched trading pins are quite similar in looks to Soft Enamel trading pins with the exception that the photo etching process does not stamp the metal to form raised ridges. This makes these trading pins easier to manufacture and a lot less expensive as well. Photo Etched pins have a smooth surface and a colored design is applied to the surface.

This type of trading pin is best used for trading pin designs that require intricate artwork and fine detailing. Epoxy coating is required on Photo Etched trading pins.

Offset Digital trading pins

Offset Digital pins are made from brass with no raised edges. Your design is basically digitally printed on the pin surface and a clear epoxy coating is applied to the surface. Offset Digital pins are best for trading pin designs that require fine attention to details such as photographs or logos with color gradients. Epoxy coating is required for offset digital trading pins.

At The Trading Pin Factory, we are different from the crowd

At The Trading Pin Factory, we give a great deal of importance to customer service and customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have taken great pride in making sure that's exactly what our clients get from us. Our goal is simple. We seek to make the design of trading pins as pleasurable an experience as possible. This is perhaps why over the years, we have painstakingly put into place a system that includes many helpful attributes to aid our clients design and implement their personalized trading pins.

Why choose us

1. We offer free shipping

2. We do not charge for helping you with the artwork

3. We can include in your design up to 7 colors for free

4. We offer a free quotation service

5. We make the best trading pins in the industry

Make a move now

Year after year, we've witnessed an overwhelming demand for custom trading pins during the months of May, June and July. As such, the trading pin factories are hard pressed to meet the outrageous market demands during that time of the year. So if you are absolutely sure that you will need trading pins this year then make a move now while you still can. For a free quote, give us a call or fill out our Quote Form.

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