Little League Trading Pins

Custom Little League Trading Pins

Today, most sports teams show up at tournaments with plenty of custom Little League baseball trading pins. Players are often just as eager to trade their custom team pins as they are to play in the tournaments.

There are many styles and shapes a Little League trading pin can have, as well as many options and attachments.

Little League Trading Pin Options

BLINKERS: These are battery-powered colored LED lights that blink when turned on. Blinkers add a high degree of "action" to your Little League pin, and increase the trading power of your custom team pin. They are typically used as the eyes of a mascot on the pin, but can be used for many different and exciting options of your team trading pin design.

GLITTER: Glitter enamel is added to the areas of your Little League trading pin design requiring color. Glitter colors are very popular and add great dimension and sparkle. Glitter is an inexpensive way to make an extremely sought after and expensive-looking custom Trading Pins.

DANGLER: A second custom trading pin, the dangler requires a second mold, design and manufacture. Typical attachment is via a ring, but danglers also can be attached to small jewelry chains. Danglers are used to designate special interest in your Little League team or tournament, such as the year of the tournament, a baseball, a glove, your state, your flag, the American flag, and many other possibilities. Most common danglers designate the year of the tournament. NOTE: If you are trying to reduce costs, we can update the dangler each year to represent the current tournament, enabling teams to use the same trading pin design year after year.

SLIDER: A second custom pin, sliders require a slot to be cut into the die of the main pin. Then the slider pin - which is a trading pin itself - will fit into the slot. Sliders are eye-appealing and give a sense of action. Common sliders include players running a baseline, swinging bats and moving baseballs or softballs.

BOBBLE HEADS: These are a second trading pin attached with a strong spring to the main trading pin. The "bobble" will move side-to-side and up and down when the pin is moved, creating an eye-catching effect different from any other type of Custom Trading Pin. Bobble heads are typically the head of a uniformed player in the team colors, but can create a special bobble pin for any design you can imagine. This is one of the most sought after trading pins by all players.

SPINNER: A spinner is a second pin attached to your main pin with a spin feature. Spinners come in multiple shapes such as baseballs, bats, softballs, etc. but can be customized to any shape. The spinner adds extreme value, trading power and dimension to your custom trading pin. They attach on top of the pin face and can be spun with a finger.

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